Cole Haan Shoes Review

Cole Haan Shoes produce different types of shoes for both men & women. So whether you need a shoe for a formal event such as a wedding, a business meeting or a funeral, or you need a shoe for casual & sport events such as a slipper, a sneaker, a slip-on, you’ll find the right […]

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Bruno Magli Shoes Review

Made in Bologna, Italy, the luxury shoe brand has become a true elegance benchmark. Its sleek style and elegant design, in addition to its quality construction, made the Italian brand really stand out in the leather shoe market. So after Magnanni & Santoni, I decided to make a Bruno Magli shoes review and share my thoughts about […]

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Bologna Construction: What is it? Bologna or Goodyear?

When it comes to dress shoes in general, the stitching technique plays a major role. It is responsible for the shape, the comfort and the durability of the shoe.In the post below I will tell you about the bologna construction. This particular stitching technique is used by many high-quality shoe brands such as Santoni, Testoni, […]

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Best Shoes for Diabetic Neuropathy – Check The Reviews

In order to properly deal with diabetic neuropathy, one must take a holistic approach. Prevention then becomes a must in. While you cannot and should not avoid walking and doing physical activities, you can grab appropriate shoes for that purpose. Here follows a list of the best shoes for diabetic neuropathy. By the way the list […]

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6 Steps To Getting Your Shoes A Mirror Shine!

Just like tobacco pipe, shoe polishing is becoming less and less common nowadays. But while the former has been properly replaced by cigarettes, the latter cannot and will not be replaced (I know it’s a lame comparison but at least you got the point). Which is part of the reason why I made this step-by-step shoe polishing […]

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