Santoni Shoes Review: See Why Santoni Shoes Are Different

Want to look stylish but not sure about the brand's worthiness? Many things are being said about Santoni. So I decided to do my home work. Below you find everything you need to know about the brand, and as a bonus I made a Santoni shoes review of the items that deserve your attention.

Santoni shoes may not all be of your taste. However there are few gems here and there that are absolutely worth the investment. 

Besides, Santoni has its own strengths that set it apart from the rest, such as the color depth, the quality of leather and the comfort. You’ll see more about this as you read on.

A wide range of styles

Santoni has a shoe for every foot, and a style for every shoe snob. From summer slippers, through high-end sneakers to formal dress shoes. You shall always find a shoe for your feet (literally) in Santoni’s collection.

Handmade Shoes?

There are two basic 'makes' in Santoni, Machine made shoes and handmade shoes. The latter are also known under FAMs (Fatto a mano) which loosely means made by hand. FAM's are more expensive than the others. Besides, within the handmade shoes there's a LIMITED EDITION category where Santoni produces not more than 500 pairs all over the world. 

Santoni Fatto A Mano

What construction Santoni uses?

The type of construction differs from one style to another – Price has also a role to play . Basically, the two dominant types of constructions you find at Santoni are Goodyear and Blake (Blake-rapid). Loafers are also often made with bologna construction. Note that Goodyear stitched shoes are more expensive. 

What’s so special about Santoni?

Santoni shoes stand out thanks to their coloring. Unlike most shoe brands, Santoni doesn’t burnish nor dye in their leather. They paint it. I mean literally, paint it. And it’s not all. The painting is done slowly and individually by graduates from art schools (This is 100% true). The resulting color comes with an unequaled depth and pureness.

Santoni Dress Shoes

​Now comes the leather part...

Before a piece of leather is deemed valid, it goes through a series of tests. First, they visit tanneries and select only the highest quality leathers. Then those pieces are sent into Santoni factory where old men with backlit magnifying lenses thoroughly examine them. This part is crucial, as it decides which piece of skin will make it. Pieces that contain creases (even the tiniest) or mosquito bites are rejected. Those seemingly invisible imperfections can well become apparent once the hide is made into a shoe.

Lining Color: Myth or Fact? 

The colored lining has nothing to do with the shoe quality. Whether it be orange, chestnut/khaki, white, black or even glow-in-the-dark, there’s no connection between the lining color and the shoe quality or construction. Period. End of Story. It’s a myth and we don’t believe myths.

In a nutshell​

​For those of you that don’t make of buying a leather shoe a life-or-death affair and would want to skip all the techy jargon, here’s what you can expect from a Santoni shoe.

  • Santoni shoes are super comfortable.
  • Fully-welted in most cases.
  • Styling is often conservative but they have some modern pairs.
  • They hold up well over time, if you know how to take care of your leather shoes.

Santoni Shoes Review

# The Sneakers

Santoni Taupe Premium Durbin-S5

Made of high-quality suede, Santoni Taupe Premium is elegant, sleek and super comfortable. It looks expensive and conveys high-taste.

Santoni Men's Taupe Premium Casual Shoes Durbin-S5

Santoni Fremont Double Monk Dress Sneaker

​The Santoni Fremont Double Monk Sneaker is very special. The uppers are made of calfskin leather with double buckle monk strap. The lining is also in leather. The shoe comes with a rubber sole and cushion footbeds for extra-comfort. It's is made in Italy.

Santoni Men's Shoes Fremont Double Monk Dress Sneaker

Santoni Acadia Sneaker

Rubber sole, cushioned insole, leather lining and uppers. Santoni Acadia Sneaker is not only stylish but also super comfortable.

Santoni Men's Shoes Acadia Sneaker

Santoni Acadia Navy Sneaker

Rubber sole, cushioned insole, leather lining and upper. Santoni Acadia Sneaker is not only stylish but also super comfortable. 

Santoni Men's Acadia Navy

Santoni  Apache Navy

Leather lining, navy suede uppers and rubber sole, another stylish Santoni sneaker that will doubtlessly make you stand out. 

Santoni Men's Apache Navy APACHE-S6

Santoni Slip-ons Reviews

Santoni Paine Loafer

"This is my second pair of Santoni Paines....Absolute best shoes I have ever worn." - Doug Philips testimonial.  

Santoni Mens Paine Dress Shoes

Santoni Fox Penny Loafer

The penny strap detail on the top of the upper gives a truly stylish touch to the loafer. The lining are in full leather. The construction is goodyear. The soles are in leather and are very flexible. The shoe is made in Italy. The color depth is unequaled. 

Santoni Men's Shoes Fox Penny Loafer

Santoni Dress Shoes Reviews

Santoni Casey Cap Toe Blucher

​A beautiful cap toe shoe from Santoni. The sole is in rubber. Footbeds are made of leather. Santoni Casey Cap Toe Blucher is to be worn in casual and semi-formal events. You'll get a lot of attention from the ladies. 

Santoni Men's Shoes Casey Cap Toe Blucher

Santoni Black Leather Lace-Up Shoes

Blake stitched, leather sole and upper, this black cap toe dress shoe is to be worn in formal events with black or grey suits. 

Santoni Men's MCDUP6981JB1VVINN01 Black Leather Lace-Up Shoes

Santoni Upton Double Monk

A double monk Strap cap toe with leather lining and rubber sole. The color is deep and beautiful. The Santoni Upton Double Monk is made in Italy. You can wear it with jeans or beige/grey/blue suits. If you want to look stylish in casual events, this shoe is made for you.

Santoni Men's Shoes Upton Double Monk

A bit of history

Santoni factory is based on The Marche, the shoemaking heartland of Italy. After the Second World War, Andrea Santoni –still a teenager at the time (14) - started working in the shoe industry. By 1975, Andrea decided to take a leap. With 20 years of experience in the biz, and a dream, he started his own little factory in the garage of his house. At the time he has only five workers.​


Santoni offers excellent value to money. Consumers are often satisfied. And chances are, you are fond of one of Santoni’s beautiful shoes; So grab one from the Santoni shoes review above and stop overthinking it.

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