Magnanni Shoes Review: Everything You Need to Know About The Spanish Brand

Magnanni is a Spanish shoe brand that has been in the art of shoe making for half a decade now. In the following Magnanni shoes review, you will know more about the brand and hopefully get a professional opinion on its quality. 

No one can deny the fact that Magnanni shoes are incredibly stylish. But what about the quality?

You may have tried to know more about the brand but found out controversial opinions on forums. So it got you more confused about the worthiness of the brand.

Well I understand you. I’ve been there too.

And let me tell you something. Forums are never a good place to make up your mind. Just like a sick person who looks for reassurance on internet finds himself even more worried and confused.

So I did this. I decided to run the risk and buy a pair to judge by myself.

Once out of box I knew it was

A true beauty!

And I'm no way exaggerating. 

​The design is sharp and incredibly elegant. The double-tone leather seems to be of very high-quality. The finishing on point and the craftsmanship sophisticated.

Here’s by the way a picture of the first Magnanni boot I have ever bought.

Magnanni Boot

My first ever Magnanni (Sorry for the mess)

From the outside there was nothing to say. 10 out of 10.

Perfect combination of classic and contemporary styles

Magnanni is a fashion forward brand with a beautiful European style to it. Owning a Magnanni is a surefire way to stand out with style and elegance.

Today I own three pairs of Magnanni (This beautiful Nilo Chukka Boot, The Safron Oxford and the one you saw earlier). Each of them comes with a different style and I’m willing to buy more in the near future. The value for money is more than interesting. Besides, it’s so damn stylish people will throw compliments on you every so often.

So whether you want to impress your colleagues at work, increase your success with women or simply be perceived as a high value man who has good taste and takes care of his external image, Magnanni is the right shoe for you.

Beautiful shoe. Get compliments all the time.

Mr. Orph

Which leads us to the next question.

What about Magnanni shoes quality?

The finishing, the leather type, the welt. Those are all options you must consider before buying a leather shoe.

Where The Leather Comes From

At Magnanni, they use only the highest quality leather from Spain, France and Italy. Leathers are finished with exclusive dyes and using manual procedures such as “the polish rag” technique. The leather is dyed one peace at a time by hand.

Though the leather is a bit firm, it’s super comfortable and highly flexible.

But how do they feel like? When I first put them on I knew these are

Most Comfortable Dress Shoes Ever!

Wearing Magnanni’s like wearing a leather glove for your feet. Extremely comfortable. Just like if you were walking on clouds. So smooth and incredibly supportive.

This is mainly due to the particular stitching technique the brand uses for all its shoes. What we call in shoe jargon the Bologna construction.

What is Bologna Construction?

Bologna Construction

Called also "tubular" or "bag" construction.

In fact, the bologna constructed shoe has its upper folded and stitched together like a sock. Then the sole is directly sewn up to the upper.

As you can imagine, no sole will be in contact with your feet, simply a thin insole and soft leather all around. Not only does this allow extreme comfort and flexibility but it also avoids any elegance or design sacrificing, which results in a beautiful and comfortable pair of shoes.

You can learn more about Bologna Construction here.

But in a nutshell, here are the main pros and cons of the bologna welt.


  • Extreme softness and comfort
  • Easy to Resole
  • Elegance and design preserved


  • Non-waterproof

Usually dress shoes are never as comfortable as sneakers. So you either sacrifice elegance over comfort or vice versa. With Magnanni you have both.

Most comfortable shoes I have ever had. I have purchased "To Boot", "Nordstrom", "Aldo", and "Mezlans", but these are the best pair of shoes I have. I can wear these for 10 hours a day in the office without getting any kind of heel or arch pain. It feels like I'm walking on a cloud.

AMZ Customer

Comparative table of the best Magnanni Items

Check out the table below to see the best picks from Magnanni I personally took care of choosing considering many parameters:

  • Style
  • Customer Reviews
  • My expertise
  • Value for money

But before you must know about

Magnanni Shoe Sizing

This is what has been said on Magnanni’s official site:

Our shoes tend to run slightly large compared to other dress shoe brands. If you have not tried our shoes before, then we recommend ordering a half-size below what you normally wear.

While this recommendation works for most people, please keep in mind every person's foot is different and this recommendation may not work for everyone.

(Seen on

From my experience:

This statement appeared to be true in all Magnanni shoes I own so you should consider ordering a half-size below what you normally wear.




Wear with


Magnanni Sergio Cognac

  • Leather
  • Leather Sole
  • Mid-brown;
  • catania; Black; Navy

Brown: Navy/Blue/Grey Suit; Dark jeans; Blazer

Black: Black suit; dark jeans

Navy: Brownish suits; chinos; jeans​

Magnanni Marco Monk Strap

· leather sole

· monk strap

· waxed finish

silver tone buckle at vamp

Casual outfits. 

Jeans, blazzers.

Navy/Grey Suits

Could be worn in more formal outfits.

Magnanni Miro Monk Strap

Magnanni Miro Double Monk Strap

· Double monk Strap

Colors; Black Tobaco

Same as above

Magnanni Pardo Lace-Up

Magnanni Pardo Lace-Up

· rubber sole

· apron-toe dress shoe with piping trim at lace overlays

colors; Catania black – Catania tobaco

Classic outfits

Less formal than Oxfords

Perfect for Business Casual.

Magnanni Santiago Oxford

Magnanni Santiago Oxford

· Oxford

· Leather sole

· Semi-Brogue

Colors: cognac, Catania Cogna, black,

Same as Sergio's, though a shade more formal.

Magnanni Dorio Slip-On

Magnanni Dorio Slip-On

· Leather

· Leather Sole

· Heel: 1’

Colors: Blakc patent, Black


Jeans, Kakis.

A Little Bit Of History

Magnanni is a third generation family-owned brand that has been in the art of producing high quality shoes for more than half a century now.

Originating in Spain, more exactly in Almansa, Magnanni belongs to those perfectionist shoe brands that perfectly bridge the gap between both classic and contemporary styles.

The leather's quality, the craftsmanship, the distribution, the finishing; every single facet of the business is overseen by one of the family members in order to make sure that its CORE PRINCIPLES are strictly followed and thoroughly respected.

Magnanni shoes are founded upon three core principles:

  • Traditional hand crafting techniques that are uncommon in today's industry
  • A rigorous process in selecting high quality leather and materials
  • And the application of distinctive styles and hand finishes that require high skill level and extensive knowledge.

Top 6 Magnanni Shoes Review

Magnanni Men's Sergio Oxford

Magnanni Sergio Review

Magnanni Sergio Cognac

There’s no doubt you’ll receive many compliments while wearing these shoes. The color is amazing, the shape is sharp looking and leather is absolutely classy. I, personally, have a weakness for the brownish ones. I would wear these with dark jeans for everyday events, and with grey/navy suits for business casual occasions. Make sure to wear a belt and watch of the same color. The broguing adds a casual touch to the outfit which results in a fashionable pair of derby.

Wearing Magnanni Sergio Oxford is a surefire way to get many compliments everywhere you go! 


Magnanni Men's Marco Monk Strap

Magnanni Marco Monk Strap Review

Magnanni Marco Monk Strap

This pair of shoes is absolutely beautiful. If you’re not very familiar with monk straps it’s the right time to start. While monk straps can be worn in more formal occasions, they are essentially destined to be put in casual occasions, for the buckle adds a stylish casual touch to whole outfit. The waxed finish is one Magnanni’s strengths for it provides the shoe with amazing color under the light.

Great look that gets a lot of attention and compliments! Also very comfortable right out of the box!


Magnnani Miro Double Monk Strap Review

Magnanni Miro Monk Strap Review

Magnanni Miro Double Monk Strap

Magnanni Miro Double Monk Strap Review

Magnanni Miro Double Monk Strap

These are by far my favorite Magnanni shoes. The finish; the quality; the style; these shoes come close to perfection. I'd wear them with jeans or suits. Usually casual but can be worn in more formal occasions. The Magnanni Double Monk Straps are simply very beautiful. Absolutely in love with them.

Stylish pair with great design and extra comfort. With matching belt and watch, compliments will pour on you. 


Pardo Lace-Up Dress Shoe

Magnnani Pardo Review

Magnnani Pardo

Apron-toe shoes known also as moc shoe, due to its resemblance with a moccasin, this style has a separate piece of leather that wraps around the sides of the shoe, extending to the front of the toe box. This type of shoes is generally considered as very fashionable when done correctly which is largely the case of the Magnanni Pardo Lace-Up shoe. Usually considered as casual, they could be matched with a more formal suit depending on the color and outfit. If you’re not a big fan of rubber sole though, you should avoid them.

What is peculiar to Magnanni's shoes is that even after a long day you don't find yourself hurried of getting them off. This tells at what degree they are comfortable for dress shoes. Let alone the great design and look they provide. Stylish pair for gentlemen. 

Daze J.

Magnanni Men's Santiago Oxford

Magnanni Santiago Review

Magnnani Santiago Cognac

Magnnani Santiago Black Review

Magnnani Santiago Black

The Magnanni santagio oxford resembles the Sergio oxford with the main difference that the former being Derbys and the latter being Oxfords. Naturally, Santagios are considered to me more formal.

I never saw my husband as satisfied with a pair of dress shoes. He finds them to be very comfortable and stylish. 

Gracy J. Barb.
Customer's wife                

Magnanni Dorio Slip-On

Magnnani Dorio Slip On Review

Magnanni Dorio Slip On

I'm afraid you'll have to deal with all the compliments and admiring staring people will give you when u'll wear these classy slip-on's. I doubt you'll find a better deal that at the same time associates high craftsmanship, beautiful design, and high quality leather for this style. The shoes are totally worth their price and once your feet put on, you'll notice a whole new level of stylishness. I'd unhesitatingly wear them every time I put on my favorite tuxedo, or decide to add a classy touch to my casual outfit.

This style is so rare and when you find it the shoes are either ill-fitting or not well made. Thankfully, Magnanni did a great job with the Dorio Slip-on. The design, the quality, the comfort are all present. A half-size larger is recommended. 

Warren L.


I hope my Magnnani shoes review has helped more than one of you to get a better grasp of the brand's quality.

​As you must've noticed, Magnanni has a helluva beautiful items.The quality and the design are absolutely worth the investment. Whether you're a fashion aficionado or a man who simply gives importance to his image, Magnanni is a sure value fpr adding a touch of class and elegance to your outfit and enhancing other's perception of you.

PS: If you ever get pissed off of all the compliments you'll incessantly receive when you put on your Magnanni's, you can always return the product and get your money back. 

P.S 2: Taking care of your shoes is a must. Check out my post on the technique I personally use to protect and shine my dress shoes. Also invest in a good quality cedar shoe tree to keep your shoes in shape so they last for decades. Check out my post on the best cedar shoe trees on the market today. ​

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