Fun fact: 97% of people don't know how to properly dress their feet. 

Let's be real. 

Choosing the right pair of shoes is a matter of self-respect.

I mean how do you expect others to look up to you if you're wearing shitty awful clodhoppers? 

I think it's time to reflect on your actual wardrobe.

Go take a look at your shoe rack and tell me, is it really what you are worth? If it's the case, fine. Get the hell out of my website.

However, if you do recognize the fact that you've been neglecting the most important element of your outfit -which is your shoes- then don't worry. I built this site specially for people like you, who have an eager desire to stand out from the majority by giving the required attention to their shoes.

Here you'll find everything about shoes, from the brand reviews, to the shoe care guide.

Whatever the occasion (soccer, golf, wedding..etc.) and whatever the season, I'll make sure to cover everything about shoes in this website.

Thank you for your time.