Tissot Watches Review: Look Expensive Without breaking the Bank

A stylish man wears not only stylish shoes but also stylish accessories. When we talk about accessories we cannot not talk about watches.

Today I decided to do a review of the best Tissot watches. The Swiss brand is known for crafting unique time-pieces. They put the emphasis on the quality of the materials, the design and the variety of styles so that you can grab a watch that suits your style or attire.

Without further ado, here are the best Tissot watches in the market. Each followed with its rating and a link to see the price.

Tissot Watches Review

Tissot Couturier T035.617.16.051.00

Sporty, functional and water-resistant. ​​​​​

Tissot Men's T063.617.16.057.00 Black Dial

The Tissot couturier is a beautiful well-designed analog watch. It's one of the best Tissot watches that got almost every time a positive review from customers.

It features three silver hands that create a good contrast with the black background. The hour markers are also silver-toned.

The resulting contrast makes it easy for you to read the  time whether in dark or light places.

Tissot Couturier T035.617.16.051.00 is encased in a 41 mm silver-toned case made of stainless steel and which is water-resistant (up to 100m) and scratch resistant.

This is a watch to wear everyday without having to worry much breaking it. It's strong enough to stand everyday's traumas without showing a single scratch or having mechanical problems.

The dial window is made of sapphire.

The buckle clasp allows you to firmly keep the watch around your wrist. It doesn't loosen through time nor does it lose its function.

A solid 5/5 for durability.

Some people complained that the strap wasn't in good state when arrived. The advantage of ordering through amazon though is that you can replace it easily in such case, thanks to amazon unequaled return policy.

Tissot T0636101106700 Anthracite Dial Watch

The challenge successfully met by Tissot in this watch is perfect combination of classic and modern styles.

It features an anthracite dial with silver-toned hands and hours markers, which ensures a strong contrast that facilitates time reading. The outer rim contains minute markers for more precision.

Hour markers are in Arabic numerals at 6 and 12 o'clock. Rest are triangle indices.

The elements are encased in a polished 42mm silver-toned case that is not only water-resistant but also scratch-resistant. The dial is protected by a synthetic sapphire window.

Water-resistance to 100m (330 ft). It's suitable for swimming and snorkeling. 

You can also check the date through the date window that is placed around 3 o'clock.

As a classic watch, the band is made of high-quality silver-toned stainless steel.

This watch is pretty resistant and durable. You can wear it with classic outfits.

There's however something that may bother you about it. Some people say the case's too large so it may annoy people who have narrow wrists.

Apart from that, be reassured that the Tissot T0636101106700 will get you lots of admiration and attention. You may want to wear it less if you're married for ladies will think you're a rich dude and start seducing you.

Tissot T063.617.16.057.00 Black Dial Watch

Tissot Men's T063.617.16.057.00 Black Dial

Just by looking at it you'll know this watch is ahead of its time, which perhaps explains why it pleases more to the young.

It features a solid black dial background that contrasts perfectly with the silver-toned hand and hour and minutes markers. No wonder reading the time is very easy on the Tissot T063.617.16.057.00.

You will be able to precisely know the actual date thanks to the sub-dials and the date window found in between 4 & 5 o'clock.

It has a date sub-dial, a day of the week sub-dial and a minuter sub-dial that you can use if need be.

The case of the watch is silver-toned. Made of stainless steel, it is water-resistant up to 30 feet so can easily withstand light water splashes. That said, you should avoid swimming or showering wearing it.

So for a reasonable use, we can say it's pretty durable. The sapphire window protects it against all sorts of scratches.

The band is made from genuine black leather but some customers say the quality isn't not up to the Swiss brand reputation.

Overall, the Tissot is a beautiful time-piece that is fashion-forward and durable.

Tissot Men's Visodate Automatic Black Watch

Tissot Men's Visodate Automatic Black Watch

The Tissot Visodate is a discreet yet very stylish watch.

Thanks to the contrast between the three watch hands, the hour markers that are silver-toned and the black dial, reading time has never been easier.

The watch features a date and day windows at 3 o'clock. In the outer rim you can see the minute markers.

The watch is encased in a 40mm stainless steel silver-toned case.

The Tissot heritage features a black leather strap with crocodile design that looks expensive and conveys high-value.

As of durability, the Tissot watch is fully scratch resistant. However, it has a limited water resistance of only 30m. Which means this is the kind of watches you better preserve for formal events or beautiful weather. Rain drops may cause dysfunctional issues.

Also, customers tend to signal a lack of luminescence in darkness which is not very practical to read the time in dark places.

But apart from that, if you need a discreet, expensive-looking watch to dress up in special events or formal occasions, then the Tissot Visodate is your go-to.

Tissot T53142113 T-Classic Desire Leather Watch

Tissot Men's T0636101106700 Silver-Tone Stainless Steel Anthracite Dial Watch

This timeless peace of time stands out thanks to its pristine white dial that is sublimely decorated with black roman numeral hour markers and three sleek black hands.

A date window sits at 3 o'clock.

The outer rim contains pointy-form minute markers.

The elements are encased in a 30mm silver-toned stainless steel case.

Tissot T-Classic features a leather strap with a deployment closure so that the watch holds comfortably and firmly to your wrist.

The classical and vintage look of the watch, plus the quality of the materials & its affordable price are all reasons why this watch has such positive reviews by many customers.

It's said that the minutes hand isn't perfectly aligned with the dial markers. But apart from that, the watch is very durable thanks to scratch-resistance and water-resistance properties (up to 99feet).

Wear it with a matching belt and pair of shoes. You can wear it in either formal or casual events. It is also a durable piece of time, so perfectly suitable for everyday use.

TISSOT 048.417.27.057.06 T-Sport Rose-Gold

Tissot T0484172705706 Rose Gold-Tone

If you want to be ahead of the curve in terms of style then the Tissot rose gold is what you need. The background of the dial is black which creates good contrast with the hour & minute markers. The outer rim features a tachymeter. There are three sub-dials.

Two dominant colors are found in the watch. The first color is black found in the dial and band. The second color is tones of rose-gold. The resulting contrast facilitates time reading, even at night.

All the elements are encased in a 45mm stainless steel case with mineral dial window.

The band is made of rubber and has fold-over clasp, which allows the watch to hold firmly around your wrist.

A major strength of the Tissot T-Sport Rose-gold is its durability. Thanks to the scratch-resistant window and the impressive water-resistance ability that goes up to 100m, you can be sure your watch is safe even in the harshest weathers.

The sophisticated build of the watch, plus the affordable price ensure Tissot Rose-Gold getting an impressive 4 stars rating on Amazon. A versatile item that looks sporty but can be worn in business-casual events.

About Tissot Watches: 

Tissot is a swiss watchmaker founded in Le Locle, Switzerland in 1853. Tissot is subsidiary of the Swatch group.


Hoping that my tissot watch review helped make up your mind to pick a beautiful time-piece, feel free to join the conversion in the comments below. 

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