Harness The Power Of Your External Image: The Way To More Success In Your Life

It kills me to know that most of today’s men don't give enough importance to their external image. How the hell do you expect your reputation and worth to be acknowledged at their true value if you don’t devote any time to taking care of your apparel?

“But inner beauty matters most!”


Let’s not lie to ourselves.

You could hold all the knowledge of the world, and pretend to be the most “inwardly” beautiful person in the universe, but if you dress like a damn bum don’t expect people to magically recognize your worth.

Let's be real.

Your external image -which is mainly how others perceive you- cannot be excluded from yourself as a whole.

First impressions are crucial

Same Person Different Clothes

Same Person Different Clothes

Go outside and look at random people walking around, talking or doing whatever they are doing. Watch your mind and how it will unconsciously judge them based on their looks.

What would you think of a man dressed in dirty unfit clothes? That he’s a successful businessman? Or an influent person? Or a leader? Of course, not.

Now, what would you think of the same man dressed properly, with proper fit clothes, a good posture and confident smile? You see the difference.

You cannot deny the fact that your outer image has a lot to do with how people will perceive you.

How you dress is how you communicate

Same Person Different Clothes

Same Person Different Clothes

Human brain is made this way. It cannot see a person and not make a judgment upon him. It doesn’t matter if this judgment is positive or negative, there would be a judgment anyway.

Chances are, this judgment will be based on your outfit, especially if it’s your first contact.

And it’s totally understandable.

The person has no clue of how you really are deep inside. She has no clue about your values, principles or beliefs. The brain has no other information based on which he’ll make that judgment. Apart of course from the way you dress up.

Hence, you should devote enough time and effort to enhance your external image, in order to make positive impressions around you and thus increase your influence and value.

But once again, I’d love to clear out a certain point.

I’m NOT asking you to link your self-esteem with what people will think of you. In fact, self-acceptance comes only from within.

What I’m do asking you to do though, is to take maximum profit of your external image as a POWERFUL way of communication.

And in most cases, the way you dress and take care of your body tells a lot about your self-esteem.

Bottom-line: Dress well for yourself before you do it for others

Accept what can’t be changed

When I'm talking about external image, I don't necessarily mean your face traits, height, skin color or any other invariable (unless you resort to aesthetic surgery). In fact, these parameters are not even close in importance as the variable ones, especially your outfit and body language.

Others parameters such as the haircut, the grooming and the skincare are relatively important also.

Why people tend to judge you on the ‘variables’ rather than ‘invariables’?

Why would you judge a person on her height or skin color? No logical and sane person would, for no one has any power over these parameters.

However, you could well unconsciously judge a person based on how she dresses, walks and reacts.

Bottom-line: "Improve what can be improved, accept what can't"

What does a good outfit convey?

A good outfit conveys many things.

First off, it tells that you have high self-esteem.

How’s that?

Well someone who has high self-esteem in his mind deserves the best of the best. The best items, the best clothes, the best food, the best lifestyle… So just by congruence to his empowering beliefs, he will dress accordingly.

Second, a stylish outfit is a mirror to your tastes. Dressing sharp tells how high your tastes are in regards of colors, clothing and life in general.

Third, high value. You’re high value if you dress well. You’re not if you don’t. As simple as that.

Forth, creativity. Only a creative person can match different colors and items to give off a harmonious style.

How Dressing Well Can Improve Your Dating Life

The way a man dresses, walks, and talks tells women a lot more about him than anything else. Taking care of these parameters will put you ahead 99% of men.

Body language, voice projection and style are key when it comes to creating and sustaining attraction.

If you do take the time to dress well, assume your style, know how to manifest confidence and leadership in your body language, you dating life will literally flourish.


Neglecting your external image is giving up on your power. This is not what you want. What you would want is to harness and unleash that power. Use it to communicate your values and strengths to the world. Increase your influence and give off positive vibes.

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