Top 6 Indoor Soccer Cleats 2017

In this article, I'll help you choose the best indoor soccer shoes for your feet based on many hours of research and several years of experience (I'm a forward and love to score goals).

Winter is coming! 

With the summer ending and the cold season approaching (Yes I’m a huge fan of GOT) many people struggle finding ther perfect gear for indoor soccer football -which is totally understandable given today’s huge market and infinite choices.

While many would blindly opt for a random pair of indoor shoes, many others (including you) recognize the impact of a well-chosen pair, which is to:

  • Maximize your performance
  • Ensure your comfort during the game
  • On top of all: Prevent your feet from injury (I will never forget my painful ankle distortion due to a low-quality pair of shoes).

B​asics to consider:

Here are some of the parameters that MUST be considered before choosing a pair (but don’t worry I did all the search for you, click here to go straight to the comparative table if you’re not into reading that much):

  • The materials they're made of
  • ​The look: Some prefer trendy fashions, others minimalist designs
  • ​Comfort: Sometimes the materials are irreproachable, but the comfort not that much
  • ​Sizing: Almost all indoor soccer shoes have sizing issues.
  • Price: More expensive doesn't necessarily mean better quality
  • Overall quality: Best value for money

PS: From what I and others experienced, almost all indoor soccer shoes have a sizing issue. They tend to run either larger or narrower than normal. But once again don’t worry. With each shoe I review I recommend you to order with a certain variation of your normal size.

Now let’s get into it without any further ado!

Comparative table of the ​best indoor soccer shoes: 

Top 6 Indoor Soccer Shoes Reviews: 

​#1 Adidas Samba Classic: 

White Adidas Samba Classic

White Adidas Samba Classic

There’s no doubt Adidas Samba is one of the all-time best indoor shoes. I’m absolutely in love with them!

The samba has a minimalist yet strong design; fully black with the well-known Adidas three white-stripes. If you’re like me –find beauty in simplicity- then this shoe might be the one for you (Less is more as they say).

Its biggest strength is the comfort it provides with the Eva-cut insole it features and the textile lining in the inner part of the shoe which serves as a comfortable cushion for your feet.

Adidas Samba Classic

Adidas Samba Classic

But not only that! Adidas Samba offers way more actually…

The gum rubber outsole allows you to have an incredible grip which is perfect for running and cutting, and the soft leather upper gives an amazing control of the ball. With these two parameters taken care of, you have no excuse if you perform as shit.

I’d like to add that in addition to the stylishness, comfort, and affordability, Adidas Samba offers a great support to the feet, preventing any possible ankle torsion due to a wrong move.

That said, you must know this! Many customers affirm that the shoes run smaller than normal, which is why you should order a half-size up.


  • Affordability
  • Extreme Comfort
  • Good control of the ball
  • Beautiful minimalist Design 
  • Durability


  • Runs a half-size less than normal
  • A bit stiff at first but breaks in after some time

#2 Kelma Star 360 Michelin:

Kelme Star 360 Michelin

Kelme Star 360 Michelin

The star 360 is the byproduct of Michelin and Kelme collaboration. Not only did they give birth to an exceptional indoor soccer shoe but they have also chosen the perfect name for it.

360 because of the incredible traction and grip if offers in every direction possible (thanks to its patented rubber outsole)

The upper is made of leather and mesh which allows feet breathing to be done correctly, thus preventing an excessive sweating. This is very important as it keeps fungi from growing and infecting your feet.

The Star 360 comes with 4 different colors which leaves you choice depending on your tastes.

There’s also something particular about the Star 360, it weighs only 10.4 bounces! If you’re a big runner during games then the Kelma Michelin will do great as it lightness won’t hinder your speed or acceleration.

It’s not all actually… The Star 360 strength is its affordability. If you’re looking for a high-performing, comfortable, flexible indoor soccer shoe and at the same time don’t want to break the bank, you may consider ordering the 360 Star.

And again, I’d highly recommend you to get one-half size down than normal, as the shoes tend to run larger than normal.


  • Affordability
  • Incredible grip
  • Good control of the ball
  • 4 different designs
  • Durability


  • ½ inch larger than normal

#3 Puma Invicto Sale Soccer Shoe:

Puma Invicto Sala

Puma Invicto Sala

What really got my attention in the Puma Invicto Sala is its incredibly beautiful design.

It actually offers a wide variety of styles and colors. Some of which I would definitely want to put on a wall and admire the beauty every time I pass by. But hey guess what… this might be a big game changer! For the Puma Invicto Sala could destabilize your opponents (with its stylishness) and let your team take the lead (and don’t ask me if it’s considered as cheating).

More seriously, the Puma Invicto Sala features some other powerful characteristics, such as the soft leather upper (made of leather, suede and textile) that provides extra-control and lightness, or the reinforced toe area which protects both your feet from external aggression and the shoes from repetitive abrasion.

The rubber outsole ensures good stability and high grip and the EVA insole adds to the overall comfort of the shoe.

For a low cost shoe, Puma Invicto Sala do largely the job.

You should order a half-size up for this one too.


  • Beautiful designs (up to 13 different patterns)
  • Good sensations with the ball
  • Lightness and comfort
  • Low cost


  • A bit narrow (you should probably avoid it if you have wide feet)
  • run half-size small than normal

#4 Nike Davinho Indoor Soccer Shoe:

Nike Davinho

Nike Davinho

Just like the Adidas Samba, The Nike Davinho comes with a basic traditional look of the classic leather cleats used to be worn in the 80's. No shiny colors, no extravagant styling, just a black upper with a nice white Nike logo.

The shoe is very light as it weighs only 10.2 bounces. The gum rubber outsole is small-sided, and offers multidirectional grips, allowing the wearer to be in perfect control of the situation whether in state of running, cutting or passing/shooting.

The upper’s made of breathable mesh preventing any excessive sweating. Nike Davinho also features added cushioning in the back and forefoot, for best support and utmost comfort.

Looks might be deceptive, but believe me, this shoes will exceed your expectations, especially for the low price you’re gonna pay for them.

You should order a full size up for the Nike Davinho too.


  • Lightness
  • Comfort
  • Lightness
  • Price
  • Durable


  • run a size smaller than normal

#5 Nike Mercurial Victory V IC

Nike Mercurial Victory V IC

Nike Mercurial Victory V IC

Nike mercurial victory comes with 13 different colors, which allows you to choose the one that perfectly associates with your football clothes.

Nike has done a great job with Victory V. In addition to the soft supple synthetic upper enhanced for great ball feel and full-length lightweight rubber outsole for perfect grip and traction, the shoe contains a midsole that comes with a contoured lined sock that offers low-profile cushioning and extra-comfort for the wearer.

The shoe is very popular as one of the best players in the soccer world (i.e Cristiano Ronaldo) wear it.

That said, many complain about width problems. If you’re feet are too wide you better avoid this one. However if your feet are normal, then the shoes will rapidly break in and fit perfectly over some time.

I recommend you choose a half-size larger than normal.


  • Large variety of styles and colors
  • Extra-comfort
  • High traction level


  • run half-size small than normal
  • Colors might be too flashy for some (which is also a good thing given the fact that they might blind your opponents and let you score)
  •  A bit narrow (not advised for wide feet)

#6 Adidas Performance Messi 15.3 Indoor Soccer:

Adidas Performance Messi 15.3

I personally like these ones because they’re just beautiful. The design is perfect and they come in 3 different styles, all of them stand out in their own uniqueness. Some even wear them out of soccer games, with casual outfits.

Other than looks, what’s special about Adidas Performance Messi 15.3 is their X-ray upper featuring molded mid-foot and heel piece for added stability in all kind of movements. The outsole’s in rubber and can significantly improve your grip making the running and the cutting very easy. The insole features added cushioning for more comfort.

You should consider ordering one size up.

Customer review:

Adidas performance Messi 15.3 is an excellent pair to own. Extremely light and fast, soft touch on ball contact, slick curves for different shots.


  • Multiple Nice Designs
  • Comfort
  • Ball control and precision


  • run a size smaller than normal


I hope my top 6 indoor soccer shoes helped you make your mind up to choose the right gear for the cold season. I'd personally go with the Adidas Samba Classic or the Nike Davinho since black's favorite color and the quality is great.

There are many choices in the market today, but only few of them are worth investing your money. Choose the right pair and enjoy your games.

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